What problems should be assessed by a
Breathlessness, shortness of breath during exertion – Is it the heart or the lungs?
Chest pain – Is it cardiac pain or is it caused by something else?
Swelling in the legs – Is it thrombosis?
Sudden loss of consciousness – A harmless collapse or dangerous dysrhythmia?
Psychological and emotional distress – Caused by heart disease?
Weakness and fatigue, exhaustion – Caused by heart failure?
Edema, swollen legs or arms – Is it the veins, lymph or heart?
Palpitations accompanied by fear – Dysrhythmia or panic attacks?
I suffer from heart failure – What can I do for myself?
Impotence – Is there a physical cause? Can I take Viagra or a similar drug without
endangering my health?
Insomnia and loud snoring – Is it in the normal range or is it sleep apnea?
Cause of rapid weight gain – Is it diet-related? Do I have diabetes, a water retention illness or
a hormonal disorder?
Diagnosed heart defect or heart failure – Monitor the situation, determine the severity.
Diagnosed pulmonary disease – Is the right ventricle already affected as a result?
Diagnosed heart disease – Has it led to secondary high blood pressure in the lungs?
I have an irregular heartbeat. Is it dangerous? What can I do about it?
I am supposed to have heart surgery. Can I have a secondary opinion from you?
I had a heart attack and was treated with balloon dilatation and a stent. Can you take over my
I have a valvular heart defect. Does it need to be operated on? Are there alternatives?
I’ve been diagnosed with coronary heart disease with constrictions. What is the best treatment
for me?
I have heart failure and a total left bundle branch block. Can one improve cardiac function
with pacemaker therapy?
I had a temporary palsy. Is my carotid artery constricted?
I smoked for a long time. Are my arteries affected?
Can I do sports in spite of my heart disease and when should I stop