High definition ultrasound diagnostics with color contrast and 4D

Modern ultrasound diagnostics can determine not only the form, size and condition of the organs but can also be used to observe the activity, movement, and blood flow in action, and even evaluate the stress level. Patients do not have to undergo exposure to radiation or contrast agents.
Our ultrasound device Vivid 7 enables three-dimensional high-end echocardiography with a moving picture (fourth dimension). Patients can follow the exam on the large screen. Using the fascinating, moving images and accurate motion analysis, a precise functional analysis and diagnosis is possible of the blood stream and the interaction between heart valves and cardiac muscle in just a few minutes. The mobility and elasticity of the cardiac muscle can be measured using tissue Doppler echocardiography.  Tissue analysis with speckle tracking and strain analysis are additional state-of-the-art techniques that increase diagnostic precision.
Local as well as global motion disorders in the cardiac muscle, such as circulator disorders,
can be distinguished more easily than before. The make-up of the vascular wall and
penetrability of all examinable blood vessels can be easily assessed (arteriosclerosis,